In the year 2013 we celebrated the 50th anniversary since the establishment of Emilsider in Cadriano di Granarolo dell’Emilia.

Emilsider was established in 1956 as a Trading Company for screws, nuts and bolts. In addition to this activity, the Company, after some time, started the manufacture of turned or cold pressed small metal parts and, in particular, metal attachment pins for castors. In 1963 the Company moved from the Bologna seat to the present one in Granarolo Emilia and during the same period of time the production of metal furniture castors was started. In the year 1975 the range of products was extended to twin castors, the result of new patented manufacturing techniques and to the use of a special plastic component mix, formulated by Emilsider.

The strategy of the Company has always been to combine the two basic characteristics of a product of quality: resistance to wear and tear and to breakage.

Nowadays, Emilsider produce on a total area of 15.000 sqm., of which about 8.000 roofed buildings, and is a worldwide leader for office chair and furniture twin castors, directly exported into 5 continents, and they are proud to count among their clients the most important companies of this industry.